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Joke 474 Abu El Abed

The Cannibals

Once Abu El Abed (AA), Abu Steif (AS) and Abu Khodor (AK) were crossing the jungle when a group of cannibals attacked them and wanted to eat them. AA, AS and AK begged them not to eat them. They accepted one one condition: Each one had to bring them 10 pieces of fruits. So they went searching, and after a while AA arrived with ten apples.

Cannibals: You have to put in your ass one apple after the other without laughing or crying.
  AA put the 1st one, the 2nd, the 3rd and on the 4th one he started crying. So they ate him.
  Then came AS's turn. He arrived with 10 cherries. He put in his ass the 1st one the 2nd the 3rd the 4th the 5th the 6th the 7th the 8th and after putting the 9th he started laughing. So they ate him.

As AA and AS were going up to the sky, AA asked AS:

AA:Ya hmar darouri tiddah7ak. Kollon karazat. mish toffa7h. Kaman kan fik tiktaa el ghabeh. (Did you have to laugh, they were only cherries, not apples. Even better, you could have escaped).
AS: Ma kan bi'dar ashen shifit AK h7amel 10 Battikhat.

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