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Joke 473 Abu El Abed

The Morning Coffee

Em El Abed (EA), Em Steif (ES), and Em Ahmad (EH) were having coffee.

EH: I had excellent sex yesterday with Abu Ahmad
EA & ES: how come?
EH: I went to bed and I put my hands on Abu Ahmad's balls and told him: why your balls cold ? do you want me to warm them up. It was excellent
The next day ES came over thanking Em Ahmad for the brilliant idea. I did the same thing, asked him whether he had cold balls, and then we had great sex.
The following day EA came over with every bone broken in her body. She said that EH's idea was bad. I went to bed, put my hand on Abu EL Abed's balls, and then asked him: why are Abu Ahmad and Abu Steif's balls cold and yours are not?

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