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Joke 469 Abu El Abed

Em El Abed Pregnant

Abu El Abed (AA) went to America on a business trip. When he came back after couple of months, he found Em El Abed (EA) pregnant. He started shouting and cursing and of course Badi Sawi .... Badi A3mel statement and he wanted to know who the father was.

AA: Halak badi aaref min bayyou la hal sharmout?
EA: Wallah ya AA fi marra kint wahdi wi dak alayi Abu Steif (AS) w a3meli wahad.
AA:  Hallak raye7h a3la AS wbadi ikitlo.
AA went to AS after a long argument with his wife...
AA: Ya AS badi sawi wbadi a3mel majzara.  Hayk betnik EA wa'na bi America.  Badi ikitlak.
AS was so afraid and did not know what to say.  He saw AA so mad and was affraid that he might kill him.
AS: Ya AA iza ija sabi, shaif el binayi a3la Ramlet Al Bayda,  btseer la ilak.  Wi'za ijit binit, shaif el binayi a3la Mar El Elias, btseer la ilak.
AA thought for a moment about the offer and then said: "AS iza rawwahit EA bta3mella wahad tani???

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