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Joke 468 Abu El Abed

One Wish

Once upon a time, Abu El Abed (AA) was sitting in Manara when he found a really really old rusted lamp.  He tried to clear some of the dust on that lamp by rubbing it & SUDDENLY, a genie popped out ...

Genie: " SHEBEIK LEBEIK Abdak bein eideyk". Then told telling AA that he can make ONLY ONE wish.
After thinking for about 5 minutes or so, AA said
AA: Well Genie, here's what I want you to do.  I want you to build me a highway from here to Cyprus"
Genie: You know ya AA that I am an old genie & this is a lot of work for me.  Can' t you think of something else?
AA: Well, there that one other thing: the way Em El Abed thinks.  Why sometimes she's happy & sometimes she's not, what she likes & what she doesn't.  Can make understand her behaviour?
Genie: And how many lanes did you want that highway to be?

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