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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed and Photography

Abu El Abed (AA) hears of a competition. One million dollars for the most creative picture. He asks Em El Abed (EA) to take a photo of him. AA poses NUDE! Holding a Rose in one hand, holding his nose in the other hand, and wearing a condom.

A month later, first class tickets to Paris arrive in the mail. He shows up and sure enough he is the winner. The commentator (C) applauds AA saying:

(C): Look here how this artist is shunning the world's dishonesty and posing naked!

AA to himself: Yei min wain hal haki ?

(C): See how he points to the world's problem of pollution by holding his nose!

AA to himself: Ye alaihum. Bidi il million ow bfill

(C): See how he upholds beauty in the Rose he's carrying!

AA to himself: Well actually he never thinks

(C): See how he tells us to practice SAFE SEX by wearing a condom.

AA takes away the microphone in anger and says: YOU ARE WRONG!! I meant sex with a condom is like a rose without perfume

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