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Abu El Abed Jokes - Em Steif is the Best!

Em Steif is the Best!

Abu El Abed (AA) and Abu Steif (AS) went on trip to Germany to buy two cars and drive them back. While in Germany, AA met an old friend who convinced him to try some of the nice German blondes... He was so gratified that he wanted his buddy AS to try a very sexy woman that he and his friend knew.

AA: AS, you must try this one babe, she's a dream come true.
AS: Lah ya AA, i can't. I am a married man.
AA: but trust me, she's something else... Plus, one time its ok.
AS: Lah ya zalame, ana ba3d Em Steif mani shayeff nisswan
AA: ya khayeh inta jarib bass mara wahdee

so, AS agreed to try this sexy German woman...after the duel, AA waited for AS outside the room

AA: shou AS, keef? mana hal'mara ghayr shikl?
AS: eh, bass shou badak, ba3d Em Steif ma fi hada
AA: b'ta3riff ya AS, wala mazbout, ba3d Em Steif ma fi hada!!!!

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