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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Em El Abed Cheating on Abu El Abed (7)

One day Abu El Abed (AA) had to travel abroad. As usual just after he left to the airport Em El Abed (EA) received her lovers, Abu Steif, Abu Ahmad and Abu Ali who came in almost at the same time. Soon they were having a lot of fun all together.

Suddenly they heard the key turn in the door. AA came back. The men tried to find a place hide. Abu Steif went into the closet. Abu Ahmad went under the bed and Abu Ali hid outside on the balcony.

EA: "Why are you back ?"

AA: "I forgot to take my passport. I came back to look for it."


They looked every where but could not find it. Then Abu El Abed went in the bedroom to look for his passport. He opened the closet and found Abu Steif in there.

AA: "What are you doing in there ?"

Abu Steif: "Your wife asked me to check the closet because it needs repairs."

AA: "But why are you naked ?"

Abu Steif: "You know, it is hot in here when you close the door. I got undressed because I was sweating."

AA: "You are such a good neighbour. Here, take this $ 50 to use if you need anything to repair the closet."


AA continued to look around in the room. When he looked under the bed, he saw Abu Ahmad

AA: "What are you doing under my bed ?"

Abu Ahmad: "I am oiling the springs. Your wife said that they squeak a lot."

AA: "Why are you completely undressed ?"

Abu Ahmad: "There is a lot of dust under the bed and the oil might dirty my clothes."

AA: "You are a very helpful neighbour. Take this $ 50 for your troubles."


Abu Ali saw everything from the balcony. When he saw AA giving the $ 50 to Abu Ahmad he jumped in and said:

Abu Ali: " Ana camen 3meltela yeh la Em El Abed. Ana camen baddeh $ 50 " (I also did it with Em El Abed. I want $ 50.)

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