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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed Rescues a Bint

While Abu El Abed (AA) was driving his car on a rainy day, he saw a bint 7ilwee kiteer (khazia') ma'touha (her car is dead). Given that AA is shahem (mucho guy) he offered her a ride with one condition; she has to sit on his lap (bi7dnouh). El bint tradadedit (hesitated) bas ba3dane wafakit (then she accepted). As AA was driving, el Bint balashet til3ablouh bisha3rou (the girl started to play with AA's hair).

AA: shou el madmousille couaffierah? (are you a hair dresser)

El Bint: keef 3rifit ya AA?

AA: min tariet li3bik bisha3reh (from the way you play with my hair)

El Bint: ou shou enteh mechanician? (are you a mechanic)

AA: aih ou keef 3rifteh (Yes, how did you know)

El Bint: min el3afreet ellee 3am yetla3 ou yenzil (from the jack that is going up and down).

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