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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abed Goes to the US to Learn English

Abu El Abed (AA) sent Abed to the US to learn English. When Abed returned, AA and El Shabab went to greet him at the airport. When Abed saw his father, he screamed:

Abed: A3tini kiss (bousseh) ya baba.

AA: Ana ba3tak ta tit3lam eblisie, wella ta tit3lam z3raneh

Abed: la ya baba kiss ya3ni bousseh bil 3arabi


When they arrived home, Em El Abed wanted to see Abed, so she came into the room. AA wanted to show off (as usual) in front of the Shabab, so he called Abed:

AA: wolak ya abed, oum kiss immak

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