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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed the Butcher

Once upon a time, arose a dispute (ikhtilaf fi wojhat el nazar) between one of it's butchers (Llahame) Abu El Abed (AA) and his competitor another butcher Abu Steif (AS). In time it escalated to become a serious fight (Mashkal). One day, a AA pulled out his sharp slaughter knife, and AS armed himself with his meat chopper and they went to meet in the town's main arena (el sahha el amma).

In no time, people from both families joined in the blood bath until the whole Basta was involved in the mashkal!. The Police (el darak) were called to establish law and order, but when they managed to quell the crowd it was to late. The massacre had taken it's toll (el dam wossel lal rekabb) . AA was cut all over(mshakaf) and was laughing (am yedhak!!!). When a police man confronted him..

Policeman: AA leish am tedhak ? ma a3m bet mout! (Why are you laughing when you are dying?!)

AA: Sheyef hal hmar yali am yemshi howneek ismou Abu Steif, mfakkar boukra irsou, mish erref inou Zabrou bijaibti...(You see that ass who is walking over there, his name is Abu Steif, He thinks he is getting married tomorrow, but actually his dick is in my pocket...).

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