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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed Hunting In Africa

Abu El Abed Hunting In Africa

After a long hunting trip in Africa AA was sharing his exiting experiences with his buddies.

AA: The 1st day I shot 2 lions, 4 monkeys, and 3 wild pigs.The 2nd day I shot 1 lion, 2 monkeys, and 2 NoBleze

The 3rd day I shot 1 lion, and 5 NoBleze.

The 4th day I shot 10 NoBleze.

At that point his buddies interrupted him and asked him: AA we know what a lion is and a monkeys, but what the hell is a NoBleze?
AA: I Don't know?? While I was hunting these black thing would jump from the bushes and yell NOBLEZ

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