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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abed at School (3)

Abed went to a new school and had to take a test. The teacher asked him:

Teacher: If you have 3 birds on an electrical wire, and one bird flies away, how many birds are left?

Abed replies: None

Teacher: Why?

Abed: Because it is very well known that when one bird flies off, the rest follow

Teacher: No, Abed. The correct answer is 2, but I like your way of thinking (by3jibni tafkirak)

Abed: Let me ask you a question ya madam. If three women are sitting on a bench eating ice cream cones (korn Bouza). One is licking it, the 2nd one is sucking it, and the 3rd one is biting it. Which one is married?

Teacher: I don't know, the one sucking it?

Abed: No. The one wearing the wedding ring is the married woman. But I like your way of thinking.

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