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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed Looking for a Secretary

Abu El Abed and the Genie

Abu El Abed (AA) and Abo Steif (AS) were having a walk in the newly discovered historic sites in the souk al tijarieh. They noticed a Fanous Sehry (magic lantern), they rubbed it and a Genie came out of it and gave each three magic eggs. You make a wish as you are breaking the egg and it gets realized.

AA and AS went separate ways.

AA broke the egg and requested to have many millions dollars in his bank account, he went to check and the millions were there.

He broke the second egg requesting to be loved by the most beautiful women in the world, and there it goes he stated receiving love letters from all over the world.

He broke the third egg and requested to have a castle in each major city of the world, and there it was.

One day. as he was passing by Souk El Khodra where he used to work with AS he found AS still there selling khodra. He asked him what happened to the eggs.

AS :"When we left each other as I was getting in my car I dropped an egg, I said ou'Eir (penis) so I was suddenly surrounded by Eiura, so I immediately broke the second egg and requested all these Eiura to be removed."
AA:" Well OK but you still had one more egg"
AS:" I broke it and requested to have my own eir brought back"

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