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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Sex Exhibition

Once Em El Abed (EA) put on her best clothes on and as she was about to go out Abu El Abed (AA) saw her.

AA: la wein?

EA: 3A Tarik e jdide

AA: Kheir

EA: Rayha ohdar ma3rad eyoura


When EA came back in the evening, AA intercepted her

AA: Khbrine ya EA

EA: yaye yaye, yalle 40 cm be 10000$, welle 30cm be 5000$...

AA: w yalle metel taba3e?

EA: 3am yitwase3 free (echantillon)


After one week, AA told EA that he'll be going to Paris to participate in a kssas exhibition. When he returned, EA asked him:

EA: Chou AA, khaberne?

AA: Ya sater chou hayde, yalle () be 10000$, yalle akbar chway be 8000$...

EA: we yalle metel taba3e ya AA?

AA: 3amlin fi el exhibition ya albe.

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