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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu Steif Wants to Stop Smoking Cigars

Abu Steif (AS) was complaining to Abu El Abed (AA) about his addiction to cigars and was trying to find a way to quit.

AA: "3mall mitil ma ana 3milit"

AS: "shou 3milit?"

AA: "ana kinit mitlak wa mich ader wakif, ijtni fikra nhar wa sirit abil ma idhach el cigar bi timmi idhachou bi tizi shwayee, ba3din bass iji la dakhno ikraf min al riha. wa dalit a3mil hal chagli hata batalit dakhno. jarib hal tarika".


few months AA and AS met again….

AS shook his head and said: "batlna ndakhno bass kiss ikhta t3awadna 3alih min tahit halak"

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