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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed's Bad Luck

Abu El Abed (AA) was passing through a long period of bad luck. Nothing seemed to work with him. He lost his job. He tried to open a business but it went bankrupt. He even tried robbing a bank, when he got there the bank had no money. His wife left him and no shop would give him credit.

AA was feeling real down when he met his friend Abu Steif (AS). AS was in a brand new Rolls Royce. AA was stunned. He called his friend…

AA: " Ya Abou Steif, kiss ekhta hayda inte ?"

AS: " Hayda inte ya AA?"

AA: " oulek eh hayda ana. hay sayaret min maak ?"

AS: " hay sayarte ana."


Then AS showed AA his gold watches, his gold teeth, his gold plated shoes ... etc. AA was stunned. How does his friend who does not even know how to write his name have all these riches ? So he asked him.

AA: " Ya AS min ouain hal massare killo?"

AS: " Ma bit saddek bass rah khabbreak. Men actar men sinni t3araft 3ala sa3oude ghane. kel yaoum sabt bia3tine mit alf dollar."

AA: " Mish ma3'oul hal hake. hayk bia3tik mit alf dollar?"

AS: " Eh lakan."

AA: " dakhil airak ya AS dillne 3ale la'anou ana mintek 3arde bil fo'or."


AS took pity on his friend and wanted to help him.

AS:" Laik ya AA rah khabrak 3anou hal saoude bass isa btehlof ino btrouh la3ando marra ouahde bass."

AA: " Behleflak bi oulade."

AS: " Tayb. Nhar el sabt brouh la3ind hal Saudi ou btoubezlo. Ba3d ma y nikne bia3tine mit alf dollar ou bi'elle ta3 osbou3 el jay."

AA: " Lah lah lah AS btentek !! Ouein el regel ?"

AS: " Bet faddel tintek ouela t3ish fa'ir metlak ?"

AA: " Ma3ak ha'. Oueino hal Saudi ?"

AS: " Leik al saoude nazaro khafif ktir. Rouh la3ando aoual el leil mich rah ya3ref el far' beyne ou baynak. Bi nikak ou bya3tik mit alf dollar."


That Saturday, AA vould hardly. When it was time, he almost ran to the Saudi's house and went in.

Saudi: " Abu Steif haida ente ?"

AA: " eh hayda ana Abu Steif."

Saudi: " Ana te3ben el layle mish ader. Baleha. Ta3 osbou3 el jaye."

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