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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes

Em El Abed's Misery Following Abu El Abed's Death

Abu El Abed died leaving nothing to his wife and children .Abu Steif (AS) approached Em El Abed (EA) and offered her money to survive with the children on the condition that she has Sex with him.

EA had to finally accept given that she needs the money badly. Every day AS went to EA and fucked her. One day he wanted her to perform oral sex.

EA: Walaou ya Abu Steif! I have never done this before.


AS insisted and he threatened to stop helping her. Em El Abed grabbed his dick and while sucking she kept mumbling and saying.

EA: Chift ya Abu El Abed chou sar fiyi . Shift shou hal ekhra


She kept on repeating these words until Abu Steif got upset, looked at her and said:

AS: Ya Em El Abed mussi haji tihki haida eir mich cellulaire (suck and don’t talk. This is a dick and not a cellular phone)

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