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Joke 368 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and His Friends

Abu El Abed and his friends, Abu Steif and Abu Zakkour got married on the same night. The following day, like most Lebanese do, he and his friends started talking about their wild night with their wives. Abu Steif said that he did it with his wife 16 times. Abu Zakkour said that he did it 18 times. Abu El Abed proudly declared that he made love to his wife 139 times. Both Abu Steif and Abu Zakkour did not say a thing.

The following day, Abu Zakkour said he made it 15 times, Abu Steif admitted that he could only reach 10. Abu El Abed said 139 again.

Abu El Abed's friends were pissed off and they didn't say anything for 13 days when Abu Steif admitted that he made love during that period only once because his back hurt. Abu Zakkour said his wife was not in the mood so he only did it once. Abu El Abed insisted that nothing really can affect his 139 times score.

This time, Abu Steif and Abu Zakkour were totally pissed off with Abu El Abed 's attitude. They asked him:

Men: How in the hell can a man do it 139 times per day for the last 17days without missing one or getting tired.

Abu El Abed: "simple",

" 2 times 69 and one regular"

" 2 darb 69 ew wahed 3adi "

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