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Joke 365 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Goes to the Pharmacy (2)

Abu El Abed (AA) went to the pharmacy to buy a condom. When he went in, there was a beautiful lady working in there.

AA: I want to buy a condom.

Lady: What size?

AA: 15 centimetres.


As the condoms were on the upper shelf, the lady with her very SHORT skirt had to climb on the "tabouré" in front of AA. When she climbed the first step, her skirt went up and AA said:

AA: make it 20 centimetres.

Lady: OK.


And she climbed another step.

AA: Make it 25 centimetres.

Lady: OK!!??


And she climbed another step.

AA: Ok, never mind, I don't want a condom anymore just give me a tissue..

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