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Joke 363 Abu El Abed

Abu Steif Goes to the Pharmacy

Abu Steif (AS) went to a new pharmacy (saydaleya namouzageyah) which opened at tareeq al jdeedah. He congratulated them (yamal wajbouh) on the new opening.

AS: I have to buy something (ayeb)

Pharmacist: What do you need?

AS: Wallah give me a condom

Pharmacist: What size?

AS: what size! How should I know?

Pharmacist: Don't worry ya AS we have a small room inside with a specialist to take your measurements...


AS went inside the small room and saw a beautiful blond lady. She asked him to take off your pants. She started to play with his air until it AS got an erection. She then gave him a condom..

Lady: that's your size..


AS told Abu El Abed (AA) about what happened....

AA: batil, ya ayb il shoom, lazem rooh w imal wajbeh ana kamen (I have to go and congratulate them)


First thing in the following morning, AA went to the new pharmacy, congratulated them, and asked for a box of condoms.

Lady: yalla, ya AA take off your pants...


AA took his cloths off very quickly. She then started playing with his air and gave him a condom..

Lady: ok, that's your size..

AA: no you have to keep on rubbing it because it will get bigger.


She kept on playing with it until AA came (ijah maouh) all over her cloths

Lady: sheft ya AA dallaytak thaylek la hatta wassakht il denyah (you wasted my time and got me dirty).. Take this condom as this is your size.

AA: bas ana ma jeyah ishtreh, jeyah ayyiss bass! (I'm not here to buy, but only to try)

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