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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed hunting lions in Africa

Abu El Abed Hunting Lions in Africa

AA went on a hunting trip deep in the jungles of Africa seeking Lions. On the first day AA spots a lion. He aims. He shoots He misses (ooops). The lion comes towards AE and tells him:

Lion: Abu el 3abed la'anak ma Subtni, ya badi aklak ya badi neikak. Naa'i wu ekhTar. ( because you missed, I will either eat you or fuck you. You choose)

AE choose the lesser of the two evils and in no time he was being fucked by the lion.

Angry and his pride injured AA decides to take revenge on the Lion the next day. So he goes out. He spots the lion. He aims. He shoots. He misses. Here we go again. This time AA knows the drill so he drops his pants and lets the lion have his way with him. Angered like never before AA decides to back track the lion from another position and take him by surprize. The next morning AA spots the lion, He aims. He shoots. Oh he misses again. This time the lion comes to AA and says:

Lion: Abu el 3abed, inta jayyee titsayad walla jayee tintak. (AE did you come here to hunt or to get fucked)

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