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Hani Abu Rahmeh's Archive of Abu El Abed Jokes


Abu Steif (AS) met a girl called Wendy at one of the local bars. Two months later, the relation between the two got more serious so Wendy asked (AS) to engrave a tattoo of her name on his dick. AS went ahead and did the tattoo. Bas you'aff ma3o la AS (when AS gets a boner) the full name Wendy would appear on his dick. In the rest position, the letters "W" and "Y" are only visible.

One day AS ken 3am bi fanter bi ahwet when he saw his friend Abu El Abed (AA) taking a piss next to him.

AA noticed something on AS's dick:

AA: BATEL! Chou heyda wa AS 3ala ayrak? (what is that on your dick AS)

AS: ya AA these are the letters "W" and "Y". Wala wa AA sa7ibti isma (girlfriend name is) Wendy. Bas you'aff ma3i bi bewan ism Wendy

AA: wala fekra 7elwi (good idea)

AS spotted the same letters on AA's dick (W & Y)

AS: chou wa AA! Sahbetak esma Wendy caman (is your girlfriend also called Wendy?)

AA: la'a wa AS! (no AS). Bas you'aff ma3i bi bebayen: Welcome to cafe Ejaz have a nice daY

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