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Abu El Abed Jokes - No Washing Machine is Needed

Washing Machine

Abu El Abed had a code with his wife to notify her when he felt like jumping into the sack. They agreed that in front of the children he would ask her: I have some cloths that need washing, can you prepare the washing machine? If she says yes, Abu El Abed gets his wish.

One day when Abu El Abed felt the urge, he called on his son.

Abu El Abed: go ask your mother to get the washing machine ready.

After a while his son came back. My mother said the washing is not ready yet.

Abu El Abed kept sending his son to see if the mother would get the washing ready, but the son always came back with same reply: my mother said the washing machine is not ready. Abu El Abed gave up.

After a while however, his son came back saying: father, my asked me to tell you that the washing machine is ready if you want to wash your cloths.

Abu El Abed replied: go tell her its too late, I washed them by hand!

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