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Joke 349 Abu El Abed

Afternoon Sex

One day at around noon, Abu El Abed (AA) came home and surprised Em El Abed (EA) in the kitchen.

AA: EA leave everything and come into the bedroom.

EA: Why ? What's there?

AA: Don't talk now. Just come here.


EA left everything, dried her hand, and followed AA into the bedroom.

AA: Close the door and get undressed.

EA: But AA it is not night yet. It is only noon.

AA: Don't discuss, bitch do as I tell you.

EA: Everything ?


EA: But ...

And EA hesitatingly got fully undressed and stood naked in front of AA.

AA: Now stand in front of the mirror.

EA: ???

EA did as she is told wondering what has happened to AA.

AA: Now stand on your head and open your legs wide.

EA: But AA we are not young any more. WE can not do it this way anymore.

AA: Just do it, Bitch, I am losing my patience.


EA stood on her head holding tightly with her hands and spread her legs wide. At that time AA put his head between her legs and put his chin deep in her pussy.

AA: So EA what do you think ? Do I look good with a small beard ?

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