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Joke 346 Abu El Abed

El 3aza

Abu El Abed (AA) received an urgent telegram from France informing him that his friend Jean-Luc (JL) died from a heart attack. Batel Khabar 3ATEL!! AA was upset with the news, so he wanted to go to France ta7ata yi 3azi the parents of JL.

AA didn't speak good French and didn't know what to say when AA meets JL's parents. He went to his French teacher from the old high school days and asked her what to say. The teacher told AA to tell JL's parents "sincere condolence" (sincere condolences).

On his way to the airport AA kept on repeating the sentence. When the plane took off, AA fell asleep. When he got to Paris, he couldn't remember a word. ATEL KHABAR 3ATEL!! BASITA!!

AA got to Beyt El Mar7oum and knocked on the door: JL's parents were shocked to see AA.

AA(puzzled): Mar7aba

Parents: !!! (with a weird look on their face)

AA(fixing his chwereb): BATEL I mean BONJOUR!!

PARENTS: ...!!

AA: Lec chou "il est parti" (is he gone?)

Parents: oui (yes)

AA: eh bon voyage...

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