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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed Visit Abu Steif in the US

Monkey Hunting

Abu El Abed (AA) went monkey hunting with Abou Steif (AS). As they were preparing for the trip AA explained to Abou Steif:

AA: "Now listen carefully, you take this jeffet (and he gave him an old heavy shotgun), you will hide in the bushes, I will climb on the tree and start shaking it, the monkeys will fall off the tree, as they hit the ground I have trained my dog Antar (one of the finest chien-loup) to grab the monkeys by the testicles and eat them (the testicles), as you know once you remove the testicles of the monkey they get paralysed so we can just pick them up at the end, is everything clear?"
AS: "Yes but I don't understand why I am holding the jeffet (shotgun) ?!"
AA: "To shoot Antar IMMEDIATELY if I fall off the tree"

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