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Joke 328 Abu El Abed

Abed is Getting Married

Abu El Abed (AA) and Em El Abed(EA) wanted Abed to get married. Abed was afraid of the idea, as he doesn't know anything about marriage or sex.

EA: Don't worry Abed, we picked a "slut" wife that knows everything.

Abed: Is that true?

EA: Yes, and don't worry.

On the big night EA told Abed to go in the room with his bride and do exactly what she does.

Abed: OK mommy.


Abed and Amal, his wife, went to the room and close the door.

Amal took her veil off, Abed took off his hat.

Amal took her dress off, Abed took off his cloths.

Amal took her underwear off, Abed took off his underwear

Amal jumped on the bed naked, Abed did the same

Amal went on her back, spread her legs and put them UP

Abed went on his back, spread his legs and put them UP.

Amal waited and Abed waited.

After an hour EA knocked on the door and asked whether they needed anything.

Amal replied: Yes, please send two men to fuck US.

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