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Joke 327 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Looking for a Job

Abu El Abed (AA) was looking for a job and he heard about a new company that hire people and place them in good positions depending on the size of their "Ayr".

AA proud of his "Ayr" which he could put in his pocket, decided to apply for president's position. When he reached the building he found a doorman who asked him what he wanted.

AA: I want to be the president of the company, get out of my way.

Doorman: What makes you think that you can become the president?

AA: (proudly takes his "Ayr") Look I have the biggest "Ayr" in town.

Doorman: (Laughing) Do you see my TIE?

AA: Yes

Doorman: This is my "Ayr", and they made me doorman.

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