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Joke 325 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Gambler

Abu El Abed (AA) was known to be a big gambler. He didn't return home until 4 or 5 am. One day Em El Abed (EA) got sick of all this and told AA:

EA: iza el leili reht tel3ab oumar, rah talaak.

AA: lah, lah ya EA, shou hal haki????

EA: wahiat Abed, rah talaak.

AA: Khalas ya EA, el leile rah ije 3al beit ba3d el sheghl deghri.

EA: men shouf;tale3 3abeli escargots, jebli ma3ak shi kilo.


That afternoon as AA was walking home from work he passed by the ahwe. El shabeb saw him and asked him to join them as they were missing a player.

AA tried to stay away by saying that his wife will divorce him if he got home late that night. Having not convinced the shabeb, he decided to join the game.

Time passed by, and when AA checked his watch it was after midnight. He left el ahwe and headed home while thinking what he is going to say to EA. When he got home, he dropped the escargots on the floor. EA opened the door and started yelling and screaming. AA looked at her and said:

AA: yalla ya habeibi(to the escargots) wousalna 3al beit tehn.

He looked at EA and said: mara teni ma tetlebi escargots meni !!!!

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