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Joke 322 Abu El Abed

Out of Jail

Abu El Abed (AA) got out of jail after spending in the joint 10 years. He went straight to the Zeitouni area to get laid. He entered a brothel and asked for their best pro. they've got. The lady in charge "ilmallmeh" showed him a catalogue to select from.

AA: la ya okhteh baddi wehdi nassha kteer (I want the fattest pro.)


He got what he asked for and while fucking the fat pro. she asked him:

Prostitute: how do you like it so far ya AA? Is every thing fine?

AA: wallah kell she mneh, bas allah y khallekeh feekeh totfeh il daw la annoh htaraet teezeh ana w3am tojj! (every thing is fine but can you please turn off the light given that my ass is burning as I'm bouncing)

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