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Joke 314 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Goes Skiing in Faraya

Abu El Abed (AA) and Abu Steif (AS) went skiing in Faraya for a whole week. Given that this was their first time, they decided to take courses with a personal instructor. They paid him for a whole week.

The first day everything went fine. The second day, the instructor didn't show up! AA & AS went to the instructor's boss to complain:

AA: Waynoueh el-estez?
Boss: What's his name?
AA & AS: We don't know!
Boss: Ok, what does he look like?
AS: He wears a red suit!
Boss: All the instructors wear red suits! Can you be more specific!
AA: AH! ana ba3ref! 3andu ayrayn. (I know, he has 2 dicks)
Boss: How did you know?
AA: While he was teaching us, another instructor came to him and said: "Shoo keef el-ayrayn li ma3ak?"

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