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Joke 309 Abu El Abed


A UFO landed on Abu El Abed's (AA) roof. A man and a woman from outer space got out of the space ship and were invited into AA's home..

Man: can we spend the night at your place?
AA: ahla w sahla.
After dinner, AA got turned on by the UFO woman. He asked the UFO man
AA: would you like to swap wives?
Man: yes, why not.
Em El Abed (EA) went to bed with the UFO man. When she took his clothes off and looked at his dick, she found it too small.
EA: is that all what you got?
The UFO man twisted his ear and his dick started growing.

The following morning the UFO left.

AA: EA how was your night?
EA: A night to remember, and yours?
AA: the woman kept on twisting my ear all night. I didn't know what she wanted.

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