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Joke 305 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Hunting In Africa (2)

Abu El Abed (AA) and Abu Steif (AS) went on a hunting trip in Africa. They were caught in the jungles by native African cannibals and taken to the village where they were put in a big cooking pan. The cannibals pored water into the pan and lit the wood.

AA screaming: Ya AS we came to Africa to hunt and we ended up being hunted.
AS: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
AA screaming: Ya musebetna
AS: hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
AA: the water is getting hotter
AS: hahahaaaaaaaa
AA: the water is starting to boil.
AS: hahahaaaaaaaaa
AA: Ya akho alsharmota laish am tedhak (why are you laughing)
AS: BAWALTILON BEL MARKA (I've pissed in the sauce)

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