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Joke 291 Abu El Abed


Abu El Abed (AA) El Beiruteh is a strong and feared man in Lebanon. One day, he went to Ahweh El Ejeiz. He walked towards a table and looked at one of the man sitting there and said:

AA:"Wle, two plus two? (2+2 = ?)
Man: "Walaw ya AA, 7!"
AA: 3afek (good)
AA goes to the next table and asks another person:
AA: two plus two?
Man: Walaw ya za3im! 3!
AA: Good
AA goes to an ajnabe (a stranger) and asks him:
AA: Wle, two plus two?
Stranger: two plus two = 4!
AA takes his gun out and shoots the man. El Chabeb in Ahweit were surprised.
Chabeb: Lah ya AA! leish katalto (why did you kill him?)
AA: He knows too much!

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