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Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed, the Entertainer

A group of to French tourists where visiting Lebanon in the late sixties, they requested from their guide a show from the well known AA.

The guide went to find AA and explained the situation to him, so AA prepared a good demonstration for them: AA put five hazelnuts on the table and started breaking them with his penis, every was impressed.

Recently the same group of tourist where visiting Lebanon after the war and they happened to be with the same guide, so they wanted to see AA again, it was the main thing they remembered from their old trip. The guide went to look for AA and he found him, he is now an old frail person, all his hair had turned white, he asked him if he could put up a show for those French tourists.

AA told him that because of his old age he cannot perform as well but since the tourists where insisting he will try to do something.

So the show time came and the frail AA was sitting behind a table, he puts his thick glasses on then put five large coconuts on the table and he started slamming them with his penis and broke them all.

After the group left the guide told AA: I though you could not perform like before?

AA says: I couldn't do it without my glasses and I had to use a bigger target.

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