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Joke 278 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and Abu Steif on a Cruise

AA and AS went on a cruise in the Pacific. During the trip, they went through a hurricane which destroyed the ship. They were the only two survivors. After days drifting at sea on a raft, they ended up on a deserted island. Years had past by, and one day as AA and AS were watching the sunset, AA looked at AS and said...

AA: "AS it has been years since I got laid."
AS: "Yeah me too."
AA: "How about if we do each other?"
AS: "I agree but on one condition."
AA: "What condition?."
AS: "I start first."
AA: "OK no problem."
AA took off his pants. AS took out his love tool, put some vaseline on it and started fucking AA. When he finished, AA took out his love tool, put vaseline on it and a drop of Halls on the tip.
AS with a surprise look said: "AA for what the Halls?"
AA:"The Vaseline is for your ass and the halls is for your throat when my dick will reach there."

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