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Joke 275 Abu El Abed

Khabar Atel

Once NouNou (the famous gay) wanted to fuck AA. He took him to the top of a mountain and asked him to go down the valley with him:

NN: Come down with me.
AA: Batel khabar atel, AA ma beinzal maa hada.
NouNou convinced him and they went down
NN: Come with me inside this cabin.
AA: Batel khabar atel, AA ma befout maa hadan ala cabin.
NouNou convinced him and then AA went in. Then, NouNou fucked AA, and when they finished, NouNou said to AA:
NN: Please AA, don't let anybody know about what we've done
AA: Batel Khabar atel, AAMM TNIKE RJAL.

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