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Joke 274 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Al Trabulsi

AA heard a rumour that another AA in Tripoli fucked him. AA did not believe the rumour first, but it continued to spread. He decided to clear the matter, so he took a taxi to Tripoli.

After asking about AA al Trabulsi, he manage to find his home.

AA al Bayruti: Why are you saying that you fucked me? This is not true, you are ruining my reputation in Beirut.
AA al Trabulsi: I cannot remember whether I fucked you or not. I have a list inside of all the people that I fucked. Go and check whether your name is on the list.
AA al Bayruti went inside to find the list which was stuck to the wall. He searched through it to find out whether his name was on it or not. When he bent to check the bottom of the list, he shouted: My name is not here.A voice came from behind: Now add it. It was the voice of al Trabulsi!!!!.

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