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Joke 272 Abu El Abed

From the Back Side

AA wanted to fuck EA in the ass, but she always refused. He got frustrated and decided to consult with a man who specialises in all fucking issues.

Man: listen ya AA the best way to do it is as follows:

You have to get a very special herb called "washmasha" from Hawaii, another called "bungobungo" from Honolulu, crocodile nail fingers, 3 hairs of a Kuala, teeth of an infant polar bear, snake tongue, zayzafoun herb, fresh oyster from the Atlantic ocean...

AA: okay w badain?
Man: you put them all together in a big pan with little "songo bu" souse from Vietnam, keep on the fire low for 9 hours till all the water vaporises. Put the residues on a pure silk piece, under the sun for 3 hours and 28 minutes, then smash all hard pieces. Put everything that is left in a small jar and close it tightly. Put the jar next to EA's bedside and go to sleep. At 12 mid night wake up EA, ask her to get you the jar, and when she turns to get it, this is your chance my dear, go and do it!!

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