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Joke 267 Abu El Abed

Horny Abu El Abed (2)

Abu El Abed was asleep with Em El Abed and was horny as usual. He taped and caresses EA's arm. EA half asleep turns around and said:

EA: Ma bikdir ya AA, boukra 3indy maw3ad maa3 hakeem el niswan ( I have an appointment with the GYN tomorrow )
15 minutes passed, and AA repeated the same thing and got the same answer.

AA tried again 3-4 times and got the same response.

An hour later, AA couldn't sleep. He taped on EA's arm again and EA angrily said:

EA: Iltillak ma fini, boukra 3indy...
AA really mad , interrupts her and said:
AA: Fhimna 3indik maw3ad maa3 hakeem el niswan, bass 3indik maw3ad maa3 hakeem el Sinan chi ?? (I understand you have an appointment with the GYN, but do you have an appointment with the Dentist?)

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