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Joke 264 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Worried About Em El Abed Cheating on him

AA had to leave on a trip for a week. He was worried that EA will cheat on him with AS. The day before departing, AA came up with an idea. He went home and called EA into the bedroom.

AA: Em Abed, ta3e la houn (come here)
EA: Shoo ya AA (what)
AA: Mosseeh (suck it)
EA: Shoo hal hakeh ya AA, khatyarna (What are you saying, we're old now)
AA: 3am illik mosseh hallaa (suck it now)
EA was forced to do it. When AA had his orgasm, he felt great. He then took his gun and went to AS's house. AS opened the door,. AA entered and went straight to the bedroom.
AA: Ta3a warayeh. (Follow me)
AS: Shoo fee ya AA (What's wrong?)
AA: Mosso (suck it)
AS: Shooooooo!!! Ana AS badde mosso? (What, me, AS, suck it?)
AA puts the gun to his head and asks again.
AA: 3am illak mosso wa ella b'awsak (suck or I'll shoot you)
AS had no other choice. When AA had his orgasm, he felt very relieved and said:
AA: AHHHHHHHHH, hallaa sar feyyeh irtaih ya AS. Hallaa sort inteh wa EA ikhweh bil rde3a. (now you and EA are brother and sister)

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