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Joke 263 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed's Donation

Being old and afraid of getting extinct, AA decided to preserve his special characteristics by donating some of his sperms.

so he went to a specialized clinic and told the nurse what he wanted. She looked at him amazed and said

Nurse: Are you sure Ya AA that you can do this at your age?!
AA: BATEL, ANA Abu El Abed! I am never too old for this stuff.
Nurse: OK! take this test tube and go to room number 3, there you will find what ever you need (magazines and video tapes), I'll be waiting for you in the office.
AA: okay, I'll be back very soon.
AA took the test tube and went to the room. 15 minutes passed, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and he still didn't show up! The nurse got worried and went to check up on AA to see if he is all right. she knocked on the door.
Nurse: are okay in there Ya AA?
When she opened the door, AA was all sweating and looked extremely tired and exhausted and said:
AA: Sorry nurse! I did my best, I shacked it, wiggled it, twisted it, placed it under hot water BUT COULD NOT OPEN THE LID OF THE TEST TUBE!

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