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Joke 259 Abu El Abed

Job Interview (2)

AA was being interviewed for the position of train station tower controller.

Interviewer: Let us say ya AA that two train on one track were heading towards each other, what will you do?
AA: WALLAHA BASSETAHA, I'll press the alarm horn.
Interviewer: But what if the horn is not working that day ya AA what will you do?
AA: MESH BABBORE, I will try to divert one of the trains to a different track...
Interviewer: And what if the handle is broken that day what will you do now?
AA: WLLA YEHEMAAK, I will get a red flag and I will run outside and flag the trains.
Interviewer: But what ya AA if the red flag was missing from the office what are will you do now?
AA: (scratches his head) WALLAH now what I will do is call EA and ask her to bring Abed right away!...
Interviewer: and what's the hell Abed is going to do for you?...
AA: Nothing, but Abed always had a dream to see two trains crashing head to head

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