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Joke 258 Abu El Abed

Opera Position

AS was sitting among a group of people, including AA

One guy: do you know 69 position...
Another: have you tried the doggy style...
AS: have you heard about opera position!
All: what the f... Is that one?
AS: you get the girl to sit on your lap facing you, start rubbing both nipples till they erect! Put one nipple in your left ear, the other in the right ear!(like ear phones). Start fucking while hearing nothing but music, symphonic, opera feeling
AA: that's a lovely one, I must try it myself!

AA: thinking: " I must try it with my girl friend first" -- who happened to be married!

2 days later AS saw AA with browses on his face and a broken hand,

AS: what happened to you AA?
AA: airi feek w behal opera position.. (fuck you)
AS: you did not do it properly?
AA: of course I did
AS: didn't you hear music/symphonies?
AA: that's the problem I heard nothing, not even the door knocking, so her husband came and this is what happened to me!!..

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