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Joke 256 Abu El Abed

Heart Attack

Abu El Abed had a massive heart attack. He had to undergo an operation which was successful. Following his release from the hospital, the doctor put him on a very strict diet, and also asked him not to have sex for two months. The doctor informed Em El Abed to make sure that Abu El Abed follow his recommendations.

AA did not have any problems getting on the diet but had a lot of difficulties in not having sex. When the two months were over, he called Em El Abed:

AA: yalla ya Em El Abed, the two months are over.
EA: I will not accept to sleep with you until you get a note from the doctor.
AA reluctant had to go to the doctor for a check-up. Following the inspection, the doctor informed AA that he has recovered.
AA: Doctor, this is not enough. I need a letter to give to Em El Abed to convince her that I am OK.
The Doctor started writing the letter:

Ila Al Sayedah Em El Abed (To Mrs. EA)

Tahiya wa ba3d (regards)

This is to inform you that Abu El Abed has fully recovered from his heart operation. His blood pressure has reached a normal level, his blood test results are very good. I would say that he is like a 20 year old man.....He is now capable of having sex without any problems.....

At this stage, AA interrupted

AA: Doctor, are you sure that what you are writing is correct?
Doctor: Akid ya Abu El Abed
AA: If this is the case, please address the letter to man yahommo al amr (to whom it may concern).

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