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Joke 254 Abu El Abed

The Sick Donkey

AA was walking with his son Abed in the prairie when they saw a donkey wa'ef ma3o (Erection).

Abed: Why does this donkey have five legs.
AA: Haram, he is ill.
Abed: OK
The next day Abed was walking with his mother in the same prairie, and they saw the same donkey still wa'ef ma3o.
Abed: Look mum, haram this donkey sakhen.
EA: Who told you that?
A: Bayyi!
EA: Rouh oul la bayak, enno tkoon sohto metl hal hmar oo ba3den yiji yihki!!! (Go tell to your father, let his health be as good as the donkey's, and can then talk!!!)

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