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Joke 252 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Salesman

AA was working as a salesman in a shop. One day AS entered the shop and asked:

AS: Addé s3er el bantalon? (how much does a trouser cost?)
AA: 10$
AS: Wa addé s3er el amis? (what is the cost of the shirt?)
AA: 5$
AS kept on coming back to AA's shop for the next 2 weeks and asking the same questions without buying anything. AA got impatient and upset. The next time AS went in:
AA: S3er al bantalon 9$ wa s3er al kamis 6$ (The price of the trouser is 9$ and the price of the shirt is 6$)
AS: Leich wattet al bantalon wa a3let al kamis? (Why have you lowered the trouser and increased the shirt's price?)
AA: Ta telhaslé Tizi (So that you can lick my ass)

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