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Joke 250 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and AIDS (4)

Abu Steif was selling frareej (chicken)on his new arabayeh (trolley). He had two sign displayed:

  • Sign 1: $5/- per kilo
  • Sign 2: $1/- per kilo

Everybody asked AS what the difference was between the two types of chicken…

AS: illy b $5 tazaa willeh b $1 maou aids (the ones at 5 are fresh, the 1$ ones have aids)
So, they all bought the $5 ones. AA decided to buy the $1 ones despite AS's attempt to persuade him otherwise.
AS: bas ya AA lesh baddak illy b 1$ meno maou aids?
AA: chou alloulak baddi neek il farrooj wallah neklouh? (are we going to eat the chicken or fuck it?)

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