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Abu El Abed Jokes

Abu El Abed in Free Diving Competition

At the Olympics competition, Abu El Abed qualified for the free diving competition. The finalists were an Italian, American and AA off course.

The American said that he can jump from a 10 meter high into a pool that has 1 meter of water. He managed to jump successfully.

The Italian said that he'll do the same but only with half meter of water in the pool. Again he was successful.

Finally AA said that he will perform the same jump into an empty pool. All he need is mamsi7ha(wiper).

His coach tried to talk him out of it as it was crazy. AA was not convinced.

He went up and dived down into the empty pool that had only the mamis7ha in it. He was unconscious and seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital.

His friends came to visit him, and told him:

Friend: Wallow ya AE ma `ilnalak innak ra7h tekasir 7hlak
AA: ana kint ghtasit min7h bas badi a@rif aya Akhou sharmouta yali 3asar al mamis7ha (I wanna know which son of a bitch squeezed the wiper)

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