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Joke 248 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Joins the UN Force

AA, gino (Italian) and yahomo (Japanese) were volunteers with the UN force. One day as they were patrolling their area, they got lost and ended up in enemy territory.

They were all sentenced to death. After several petitions the leader of the enemy accepted to release them on one condition if the total length of their dicks was 40cm combined.

Their dicks were measured:

AA: 20cm (batil)

Gino: 19 cm (waw)

Yahomo: 1cm (thanks god!)

On their way back….

AA: you should be grateful that I had the longest dick
Gino: if it was not up to me you would have all been killed by now
Yahomo: guys you should thank me, thank god lanno ken waef maeh (that mine was fully erected)

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